Name: Mary M. Q. Contrary

Qualifications: I can read.

I’ve recently considered putting my personal list of scientific degrees here – everyone else who blogs anonymously seems to have twelve degrees each from ivy-league institutions.  Uncritical proponents  of vaccines seem to worship credentials and the claims made by those who have them, whether the arguments are coherent or not.  Unless they’re on the wrong side of the debate, then anyone credentialed is a quack, a celebrity doctor, a thief, a wacko, or a crackpot.  Realising this made me resist the temptation; I think I will just leave my claims to stand on their own.

With abundant thanks and credit to my lovely husband, who listens to me spout seemingly crazy ideas, and then listens to me refine them until they are only mildly crazy; he makes helpful suggestions, gets me back on track when needed and is my perennial cheerleader.